Business Recovery Services

The Neopost Technology Advantage

When unexpected repairs to your mailing system are required, you can rest assured that any downtime will be minimal. In fact, your Neopost  mail processor is specially designed to maximize uptime. All Neopost   mailing machines incorporate modular technology. The system’s feeder, dynamic scale, base and stacker are actually separate components that operate seamlessly together (see below).

Mailing system modularity allows service technicians to access problem areas with little to no disassembly. Successful repairs can be accomplished in a fraction of the time. In the event that extended troubleshooting or replacement parts are required, a loaner component can be easily furnished, keeping your operation running while repair work is completed.

In addition, Neopost  meters are removable and can be readily transferred from one mailing system to another. It’s also important to know that Neopost meters operate independently from the system control panel. Any malfunction related to the system control panel will not impact postage funds that are stored in the meter.

As another contingency option, Campbell Business Machines will be happy to provide you with full access to one of our demonstration models inventoried at our office. Simply remove your meter and bring it along with your mail to our location.

You can count on Campbell Business Machines to find the best resolution to keep your mail flowing when unplanned events threaten production.