Enhanced Mailing & Shipping: EMS

  • EMS is an internet-connected information management system. It provides complete control over weighing, rating, processing and accounting of all outbound mail and shipping
  • EMS allows users to select from any major domestic or international carrier – such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS –compare services and rates, and process the shipment with cost-conscious accuracy and efficiency. By pinpointing the lowest cost carrier that meets your delivery criteria for every shipment, EMS can significantly reduce transportation costs – often as much as twenty percent!!
  • EMS's muti-carrier capabilities give you the ultimate one-stop-shopping solution – a single system with the same easy interface, mailing/shipping process, recipient database, and shipment history for all the carriers you use
  • EMS's on-the-fly address validation can significantly reduce mis-shipments and carrier address correction fees
  • EMS will produce multi-carrier-compliant, two-dimensional barcoded labels that includes tracking number, routing detail and address information for fast, accurate and economical delivery. All carrier specific forms and labels required for international shipments are also supported
  • Process Delivery Confirmation, Signature Confirmation and Certified mail electronically – track your mail online with no trips to the Post Office required
  • Electronic Delivery Confirmation using EMS is FREE for Priority mail - a .65 savings.
  • Electronic Signature Confirmation is: .35 less than retail.
  • Process Certified with Electronic Return Receipt and reduce your costs by .30 per letter!
  • Eliminate handwritten postal forms for special services like certified or confirmation mail -EMS prints barcoded Delivery/Signature Confirmation address labels and can even fill out certified mail forms automatically
  • A colorful and intuitive graphical user interface makes EMS even easier to use. On-screen prompts and function keys provide instant access to primary functions such as rates and utilities, plus the carrier screens contain complete information to ensure optimum productivity and economy. The optional touch screen monitor allows for even faster navigation and processing
  • Performance Analysis Reports (PAR) automatically check the carrier performance and status of your packages
  • EMS's automatic package tracking keeps the delivery status of all your outstanding shipments at your fingertips and notifies you when late shipments occur. Email notifications can also be automatically generated to keep the sender and recipient aware of shipping status
  • EMS integrates seamlessly with your Whisper jet mailing system and can track postage and carrier charges for an unlimited number of departments or cost centers. Track departmental mailing and shipping charges, verify budget availability, and print detailed reports by date range
  • Automatic fuel surcharge "add-on" for all carriers prevents under billing clients and customers for significant carrier-imposed surcharges
  • Supports USPS mail manifesting for high volume Postal shipping applications
  • EMS's optional Real Time Interface (RTI) allows for seamless data exchange with many back office systems
  • Scalable to match the simplest to most sophisticated customer requirements from standalone systems to multiple networked stations

Typical configuration includes EMS software, compact PC with touchscreen monitor, 70 lb shipping scale, tracking label printer and postage meter interface