Paper Folders

Campbell Business Machines's selection of automatic paper folders include economical manual setup models, automatic setup machines, and production air feed systems.

Manual setup folders require the operator to move adjustable fold plate guides in order to "dial in" the desired fold type and paper size. If different from the last, each new job requires a manual adjustment and test fold before processing can begin. If your folding workload is not varied in paper size and style of fold, these models are an excellent value. The MBM 98M/208J, Formax FD 300/342 and Martin Yale 1611 are manual setup paper folders.

Automatic setup folders allow users to select paper size and fold type on a digital control panel. The fold plates are electronically adjusted by the machine to match the user's selections. Automatic setup models can also store custom folding jobs as memory presets. Memory presets store the paper size, fold type and the exact fold locations for each job. Changing jobs is as simple as selecting the memory preset number and waiting a moment or two for the folder to self-adjust. These models offer higher productivity output, quicker startup and simplified operation. The MBM 408A/508A, Formax FD 382 and Martin Yale 2051 are automatic setup paper folders.

Unlike friction feed folders, air suction paper folders like the MBM 1800S, Formax FD3200 and Martin Yale MK7000A can handle virtually any type of paper stock. Air feed folders are the fastest systems available and can process heavy or slick paper stocks with extreme efficiency.

Paper Folding Solutions: