Neopost Labelers & Tabbers

Labeling & Tabbing Solutions

Campbell Business Machines offers tabbers and labelers in the following categories:

Tabletop tabbers operate as stand-alone solutions and can apply either one or two tabs in a single pass.

  • Tabletop Single Tab Systems (Neopost AT12)
  • Tabletop Double Tab Systems (Rena T-350)

In-line Tabbing Systems are designed to integrate with other mailing system components such as labelers, inkjet addressing systems, folders, and friction feeders. They are also available in single, double and triple tab varieties.

  • In-Line/Stand-Alone Triple Tabber (Neopost AT20/30)

Combination Labeler/Tabber systems are multi-function units and have the ability to apply single tabs or address labels (Neopost AT20/30)

When evaluating equipment options, you should consider the shape, size, thickness and design of your open-ended mail pieces. A folded self‑mailer must be prepared with the folded edge parallel to the longest dimension and the address of the mail piece.

One tab may be used when the folded edge is at the bottom of the self‑mailer (the open/tabbed end is above the address). The tab or wafer seal must be placed in the middle of the top edge of the piece. Two tabs must be used when the folded edge is at the top of the self‑mailer (the open/tabbed end is below the address). The two tabs or wafer seals must be placed on the open edge, opposite the folded edge. One tab or wafer seal must be placed within 1 inch of the left edge of the piece; the other, within 1 inch of the right edge of the piece.

Visit for more information about the proper application of tabs.

Neopost AT20/30 Tabbers

Neopost's AT20 & AT30 are the ultimate machines for mid to high volume tabbing and direct mail preparation in letter shops, mail houses, commercial printers and businesses processing large quantities of daily mail Read More

L-250 Labeler/Tabber

The Rena L-250 Tabber is one cool little machine. Most tabbers in its class can do paper tabs only. The durable design of the L-250 gives it the ability to run clear, translucent & paper tabs at speeds up to 25,000 per hour on a typical tri-fold mailer. Read More

L-350 Labeler/Tabber/Stamp Affixer

The Rena L-350 is a classic jack of all trades. With a proven design that has years of field experience, this unit will run for a long, productive time. Read More

T-350 High Speed Dual Tabber

The Rena T-350 Dual Tabber is ready for work; lots of work. Work that takes its 18,000 pieces per hour throughput speed seriously and makes the T-350 prove itself every day. This is one hard-working tabber that will pay back the investment quickly and effortlessly. Read More

T-750 Inline Tabber/Stamp Affixer

The Rena T-750 In-Line Tabber can apply tabs or stamps at speeds over 20,000 per hour. It has the ability to single, double and triple tab. It can run clear, translucent, or paper tabs all while running inline with several of our inkjet address printers. Read More