The AS940 addressing solution provides the qualities of a production printer with the price tag of an entry level printer. Its advanced technology, precision engineering and exceptional attention to detail make this high-performance system the right


With a feeding system that has three rows of high grip rollers and the capacity for materials up to ¼” thick, it can handle any job. The dual print head configuration allows you to add return addresses, indicia, barcodes and more to the primary address in a single pass on a large 2.5” print area for a professional and unique look every time. And, the electronic thickness adjustment works effortlessly with the clutch-controlled built-in feeder for even greater productivity. The AS940 makes quick work of even the largest jobs.
Processing 30,000 postcards per hour and 22,000 No. 10 envelopes per hour, the AS940 is perfect for mid-size corporate environments. Its sturdy metal construction is built to last and easy to set up and use.


64 MB Of Internal Memory
Faster Data & Graphic Processing
30,000 Postcards/Hour
22,000 #10 Envelopes/Hour
Productivity Increases Dramatically
USB 2.0 Port
Fast Information Transfer
2 Banks Of Print Heads
Print Indicia, Return Address And Barcode In One Pass
1/4” Thickness Capability
Handles Larger Material
Electronic Height Adjustment
Repeatable & Accurate Piece Setup
IMB Compliant
Prints Intelligent Mail Barcode And Many Industrial Barcodes
Hewlett Packard 45a Inkjet Cartridges C8842a
Proven Technology: 600 Dpi & Wide Variety Of Inks
Adjustable Material Setting
Prints Materials From 3½“ W X 5½” L To 13.5” W X 15” L
Unlimited Font Capacity
Print With True type Fonts
Compact Design
Fits Almost Anywhere