Neopost DS90i

Automate Your Document Processing

Neopost’s Output Management Software (OMS) will help you get the best out of each of your documents.

  • Automatically add a barcode in the right place to drive your folder inserter
  • Remove old OMR marks to give more value to your documents
  • Select inserts from multiple trays
  • Guarantee your mail integrity with secure control marks
  • Split your print file based on number of pages

Full Content Control and Security You Can Rely On

The DS-90i can read any type of coding such as OMR, OCR, 1D barcodes and 2D Data Matrix codes. Furthermore, the code can be printed anywhere on the document. This unique feature provides full flexibility to fulfill any layout requirement.

In order to securely process personalized mail runs and those with a varying volume of documents per set, the DS-90i includes several automatic features to ensure that every recipient receives the right mail piece.

  • Reading of sequencing marks allows you to control printing accuracy, and inserts can be selected based on customer profile
  • Optional Integrity checking software, Mail Piece Production Control (MPPC), ensures 100%accurate mail processing