Campbell Business Machines, Inc. W-9

CBM W-9 Tax Information

Campbell Business Machines, Inc. provides the following W-9 form for your records. Generally, those required to file an information return with the Internal Revenue Service must report certain transactions. However, we provide this form to certify that Campbell Business Machines, Inc.  is not subject to backup withholding, and that you may not be required to file such information returns on transactions with our company, based on the fact that Campbell Business Machines, Inc. is a corporation.

Listed below are W-9 tax documents available to you in PDF format. You may download and print the appropriate form(s) and keep them for your records. Our tax department will update these on an annual basis at the beginning of each year.

Campbell Business Machines,  Inc - Fed ID 55-0548530

Download Campbell Business Machines, Inc. W-9 Form


NEOPOST W-9s tax information can be found on the following link: